The Wait

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     Sometimes God tests our faith by delaying our answers and holding off on revealing to us the answers that we need. We always forget that it is for our own good and it is apart of the perfect will of God for our lives, that we wait. We can feel blind sided and at a loss for words because of the confusion in our waiting but the word of God tells us, "But he knoweth the way that I take: when he hath tried me, I shall come forth as gold." Job 23:10.

     Today, thank God for delays, and the waiting. In our waiting, and our delays, God has a special way of protecting us and showing us that something, someone, and even somewhere may not be good for our spirit, our life and or our future.

     Sweet girl, today I encourage that if you're freshly new to a break-up, realize that God, the Creator of your life and of your future has you in the very palm of His mighty hands. He has not left you, you are not alone and He has something far better in store for your life. This is not to hurt you or harm you but to give volume to your journey.

     If you feel like this journey has become miserable and discouraging, remember this: a journey is a passage or progress from one stage to another. In order to develop, grow and exceed in the will of God we must move from one stage to another. Thankfully, in the midst of it all, Our Father, the Master and Creator of the universe and all things in it, the Craftsman of our lives, is HOLDING us, He is WITH us, and He is FOR us!




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